We can largely thank Pokey the exuberant Fox Terrier for the invention of the SitnStay. His person Gina would regularly take him and his four furry friends to their local coffee shop in Sydney. Pokey is a good boy but thanks to his boundless enthusiasm, leashes would often get tangled and knots would come loose. Gina realised there wasn’t a solution that let her attach and release a leash easily and securely, so she decided to develop her own.

Gina saw her first inspiration for the design in a velcro-wrapped computer cable, and a few visits to the hardware store later she had her very own SitnStay prototype. However, the design still wasn’t perfect. Gina spoke to a few engineers who recommended making it out of plastic or steel, however Gina knew she wanted the design to be soft, yet robust and waterproof. Luckily Gina found Clive at D3 Design, who within a few hours had suggested a strong elastic strap to keep the SitnStay in place. The design was complete!

Today Gina loves sharing the SitnStay with her fellow dog owners, so they can enjoy more time with their pooches without having to tie knots or clip buckles. With the SitnStay you’re always ready to stop and go with ease.

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