SitnStay is simple to apply

Follow these simple instructions to apply the SitnStay ready for use.

Step 1. Open the T-section on the SitnStay and place the base of the leash’s handle on the black rubberised area.

Step 2. Fold the right tab then the left tab over for a secure fit.

Step 3. Thread the elastic through the loop of the handle, then thread the long end of the SitnStay through the elastic. The remaining strip then wraps around the leash neatly while not in use.

How to use the SitnStay when out and about

Step 1. Pull the tab and unravel the velcro until you reach the elastic.

Step 2. Loop the leash around a pole, railing or chair leg and join the two leash sections together.

Step 3. Wrap the badge end around itself tightly, then gently pull on the dog end of the leash to make the grip secure. Be sure to keep an eye on your pooch while they’re tied up to ensure they stay safe and happy.

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