Are you searching for that perfect gift for a besotted dog owner in your life? A gift that’s quick and easy to organise but completely personal at the same time? We have you covered! Here are our favourite presents for friends and family members who love their dogs.

Homemade treats

Every canine loves their treats, and healthy homemade treats are the best kind of all. We love these easy DIY dog treat recipes, including a basic dog bone recipe and more decadent ideas like pumpkin balls or apple crunch pupcakes. Once they’re made, you could package them in a cute treat jar or tin and personalise it with the dog’s name. The pooch and their person will both think you’re wonderful.

A customised doggy artwork

Do you have a great photo of the dog in question? Why not frame it and give it to them as a gift? You could try a cartoon version highlighting the dog’s best-known features as in this tutorial. Another modern option is to create a silhouette artwork. All you’ll need is a printed photo of the pooch in profile to hold up against a window. Draw the outline onto a new sheet of paper and colour it in with markers, or try this neat idea to further customise the silhouette with a page from their favourite novel. Pop the artwork in a cute frame, and voila! Instant brownie points.

A glam collar or leash

If your doggy friend needs a style update or they just love changing up their look, then a new collar and leash is a perfect gift. You can easily add some removable flowers or a bow-tie for extra fashion appeal, or add spikes to a store-bought collar to make Bruce the Chihuahua look extra tough. You might even like to get crafty with some potatoes or erasers and make your own custom-stamped leash with a pattern they’ll love.

A SitnStay

Of course, what better gift to pair with a gorgeous new leash than a SitnStay. This simple gizmo can be applied to almost any leash for easy tethering when dogs and their people are out and about. It’s also waterproof, so it’s perfect for bath time and cooling off under the hose on hot summer days. The SitnStay is very affordable at only $14 plus $3 within Australia, and if you order two you’ll only pay postage for one. The ultimate, easy dog owner gift!

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